HLHF Is about a healthy focus on changing your results and mindset from one of weight loss to fat loss.  In doing this you will learn to be healthy, happy and free to jump off the dieting bandwagon for good.

Instead of bandaid solutions based on starvation diets that can sometimes leave you back where you started, my focus is about firing up your metabolism, balancing hunger hormones and coming from a place of holistic health and fitness.

The focus is to integrate the wisdom of ancient holistic practices with modern day scientific fitness methods to get you healthy results.

Our minds and bodies are connected and addressing your health and well being from the inside out is paramount to long term success.

The latest lifestyle approaches such as clean eating,paleo or vegan methods, have been a great place to start. However, this does not complete the whole picture to obtaining the results they desire.

The great news is that with the right scientific methods and a more direct and strategic approach, these lifestyles will work even more powerfully  in obtaining the aesthetic results you desire.

My programs are focused on personalized coaching instead of a one size fits all approach, all the while giving you mental and emotional support through the journey.

You will learn about your body, what it actually needs and wants, stop guessing and start assessing your progress correctly, while simultaneously creating a freedom mindset.

This means you can ditch the short term results, feel healthy and happy and say goodbye to binge eating and self sabotage

My main focus is to ensure that regardless of what lifestyle you choose is right for you, you will be equipped to ditch yo-yo dieting for good!

If you feel you have issues in the following areas then my programs are for you

  • You want to ditch Yo-Yo diets  for good
  • You would like to overcome food addiction
  • You suspect there is more to your results than just weight loss
  • You want to take a holistic approach towards your fitness and nutrition
  • You feel that your eating has become disordered regardless of how healthy you are eating
  • You do not want to categorize foods as good or bad
  • You want to feel a sense of freedom and still get results
  • You want a balanced relationship with your body image and eating
  • You want to feel healthy, happy and have vitality
  • You do not want to starve yourself
  • You want to work with your body not against it
  • You want to learn how to sustain your results and not be dependent on your program
  • You want to ditch emotional eating, binges and disordered eating for good
  • You want permanent changes that you feel good about


Katie Braggy

Well I have to start by saying, thank goodness I found Hannah! I have been doing her program for a few months now and I honestly feel like I have come further in this time than I have in years. For years I had been struggling with yoyo dieting, basically living between starvation and bingeing, which lead to drastic weight-loss followed by fast weight gain.
I became obsessive with food and exercise and was constantly hungry, exhausted and emotional. I thought I would be stuck in this cycle forever. When I first met Hannah, she was so understanding of not only my physical wellbeing but also my mental and emotional health. I was able to talk to her about all of my struggles and she had so much knowledge and advice on how to tackle it all. I also suffered from a lot of injuries playing sport when I was younger and Hannah tailored an exercise plan so that my injuries wouldn't be aggravated. At first I struggled because I felt like I was overeating as Hannah had me on an eating plan where I wasn’t hungry! Her plan was really easy to follow and she explained the process to me each step of the way so that I could have an understanding for myself how it all worked. For once, I could just enjoy healthy, nutritious food without feeling guilty. Hannah encouraged me to just trust the process, and before I knew it I had achieved amazing results, not only physically but also mentally. My body fat percentage decreased, my muscle mass increased and I lost centimetres in size! My body has turned into a fat burning machine without the need to punish myself! I finally feel confident and happy in my own skin. Not only that, I had so much energy and I found myself no longer obsessing or even thinking about food – the first time in a LONG time! I actually didn’t realise how miserable I was being stuck in my cycle until now. Overall Hannah re-educated me about what being healthy is – both physically mentally. I can honestly say that I enjoy life so much more now and I owe so much of it to Hannah. Her guidance and support has made me believe that I can do anything. I first came to her wanting to lose weight, but I ended up gaining so much more and am soooo thankful!"